The White Lotus – HBO miniseries

One of this summers biggest surprises might have been Mike White’s new HBO series The White Lotus. This (somewhat dark) comedy-drama set in an idyllic Hawaiian setting, specifically the beautiful Four Seasons Resort at Maui, has been an exquisite viewing experience so far! With a terrifyingly good soundtrack, we are carefully guided through the darker depths of both the hotel’s wealthier guests as well as those who serve them.

“I wanted it to feel like a tropical anxiety attack,”

Mike White – Vanity Fair Interview
The Cast – White Lotus (HBO)

The series gives you something which is unlike anything I have experienced with regards to an HBO mini-series. It’s refreshing to see a series that really dares to take its time. Letting us experience the slow churning horror of being on a family vacation or the eerie feeling of being in an unhealthy relationship. For those exposed to some of Mike White’s earliest work, such as Freaks & Geeks and Dawsons Creek, The White Lotus will be a welcome addition to an angsty and beautiful legacy.