InvadingHarmonics is a digital magazine for an analog world. Focusing on the mental health benefits of great design, being unplugged and living the best life one can have in the age of connectivity.

Rather than to look at the negative sides of technology we want to promote items, ideas and services that help you achieve your goals and live a more content life.

Remove distractions & revisit hobbies: 

Whenever you have the chance to remove notifications or distractions, do it! Rather than consuming new content think back to what you enjoyed doing as a kid.

“Chances are that revisiting old hobbies will give you a sense of calm and even a newfound sense of exploration that will benfit you.”

Our mission is to be an inspiration that will (hopefully) give you ideas to how to become more efficient and at the same time make you able to relax and enjoy the serenity of your own company with exceptional books, movies, games, music and more.